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Sentarou Kawabuchi & Shun Ishikawa

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Somebody told me that Yurika and Ritsuko have their characterizations basically cemented around the boys they like. I realized they’re probably right orz.

I mean Yurika had an artist thing going around but it was dropped like a hot potato halfway through and I think Ritsuko’s career choice was touched upon (though I don’t really remember) but yeah. They’re basically satellite characters.

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Sakamichi no Apollon Review (Spring 2012 Anime Wrap-up)


Sakamichi no Apollon Review

You can read my review under the Read More.

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Richie. I’m sorry for lying to you. I was looking forward to the festival, too. I wanted to perform. Be good to Ri’ko. Take care. 

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You looked up to him as a big brother since you were a kid! You may never get the chance to meet him again!

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“I’m going back to my own world.”

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Sakamichi no Apollon (Episode 9)

Sakamichi no Apollon (Episode 9)

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Warning: Unpopular opinion ahead for Sakamichi no Apollon

I really really want to think that Sakamichi no Apollon is the best show for the spring anime 2012. I really do. It’s got solid direction, great production values (including one fine OST), time period it is in is really well researched and the characters act pretty realistically to boot.

But at its core its just another anime set at high school featuring almost exclusively teenagers (Brother Jun being the sole exception) and it has soap opera-like drama/romance to boot. With some jazz. The romance parts are boring and cliched, even though it has a love polygon going on. High school settings have been done to death in anime.  Maybe I’m just jaded about these things after seeing it being done so many times. Also the fang guy has got to go.

Don’t get me wrong though, some of the moments that doesn’t focus on romance/drama are fantastic like the outing in episode 2 and the concert scene in episode 7. I know a series solely about jazz would be boring and the anime itself isn’t to blame for the manga’s problems, but they could have picked a bunch of different settings to chose from while keeping the 60s time era.

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Medley - Sakamichi no Apollon

This is one of the many amazing scenes from Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope). From what I can tell, the songs are My Favorite Things, Someday My Prince Will Come, and Moanin’.

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